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Otis Bore Reflector MO-905-2

Otis Bore Reflector MO-905-2

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Otis technology bore reflector 905 is a handy cleaning accessory that helps you stay safe while cleaning out the chamber of your rifle or pistol. The advanced chamber design of this Otis cleaning tool lets it fit snugly in most rifle and handgun chambers, while the virtually indestructible bolt rest means this accessory will last a long time. This bore reflector doubles as a flag safety, letting you flag an empty chamber so you know your weapon is unloaded before you start scrubbing it out. At night, the Otis Tech flag safety bore reflector really comes into its own, shine a flashlight on it while it's in the bore to completely light up the interior of your weapon for a precision cleaning job, even in the dark. This Otis technology product is made from bright Orange fiber optics and can also be used in natural light. For low-light bore cleaning and weapon maintenance safety, bring along an Otis bore reflector tool.

  • Fits in most rifle and handgun chambers
  • Illuminates interior of chamber when used with Flashlight or natural light
  • Doubles as a safety flag
  • Fiber optics material
  • Bright Orange color for high visibility


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